Get ready for your best game nights ever because Funko Games is set to release dozens of new titles this year. (Yes, you read that right. Dozens!)

Today, the company released details on the first wave of those new board games, which will be on display at Toy Fair New York this weekend.

All of the games are packed with retro, strategy and/or fandom goodness, but the stand-out addition announcement is that expansions to last year’s Funkoverse strategy game are on the way! Starting on March 1, characters from the Jurassic Park franchise and Aggretsuko will get the Funkoverse treatment, with Jaws, Back to the Future, and more Golden Girls characters coming throughout the year.

Check out additional new titles below!

Back to the Future: Back in Time $29.99 Available: Summer

We all know how it goes: Doc Brown’s DeLorean time machine sent you back to 1955, and now you’re stuck in the past! Just in time for the 35th anniversary of Back to the Future, this game requires players to work together to save Marty McFly’s existence and get back to 1985 before it’s too late.

Godzilla $34.99 Available: June

Players battle for dominance as the most terrifying monster in Japan in this game, which features detailed miniatures of Earth’s most fearsome Kaiju — Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Megalon — and a modular, 3D cityscape with buildings to destroy.

Pan Am $34.99 Available: June

Perhaps the most interesting game in the bunch (but retro nonetheless!), Pan Am recreates the intense rivalry between the airline and its competitors, such as American Airways. Players must outbid rivals for landing rights, buy planes with a longer range to reach the far corners of the world, and use insider connections to advance their interests. The strategy game spans four decades of historic events that shaped the industry.

Last Defense $19.99 Available: August

This game may not be licensed, but it’s a great introduction to cooperative strategy games for the whole family. Players have just 20 minutes to save the world from a variety of monstrous threats. The game also features an audio track app with urgent news bulletins that announce where threats are attacking.

Yacht Rock $16.99 Available: August

Embrace the lifestyle of a ‘70s Southern California yacht rocker in this party game. Players must team up to write soft-rock songs, find the perfect floral-print shirt and shades to complete their swanky look, and schmooze to success at yacht parties.

Photos: Funko Games