This year’s Toy Fair New York (TFNY) wrapped up this past weekend after showcasing an online cart-full of new toys, games, and figures. Here are some of the pop-culture heavy NECA figures we have our eyes on this year.

Alien — 7-inch Scale Action Figure — 40th Anniversary Assortment

Ridley Scott’s Alien is celebrating 40 years of freaking us the frak out. This assortment of 7-inch figures captures weapon-wielding Brett, Parker, and the Xenomorph itself, a.k.a. Big Chap, in bloody (and bloody frightening) realistic detail. NECA will continue to honor the film’s anniversary with at least 9 different limited edition action figures in all. Pick up a matching Predator 2 7-inch figure for the ultimate movie recreation.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Cartoon) — 1/4 Scale Action Figure — Super Size Raphael

Three words: Cow. A. Bunga. This 16-inch tall model of Raphael, pizza-skewing sai included, from the 1987 TMNT cartoon might be the most wholesome thing you see today (take that, internet puppies). With interchangeable heads, interchangeable hands, and a Turtle Communicator that opens and closes, Raphael’s silly, cartoonish face and stylized stroke lines will form such a bundle of warm, nostalgic pangs in your stomach. You’ll have no choice but to spastically throw your credit card at someone. Or reach for a slice. Whatever works.

Toony Terrors — 6-inch Scale Action Figure — Series 4 Assortment

The Toony Terror line features some of horror film canon’s greatest, terrifying characters in toonified form. Series 4 includes Regan from The Exorcist, Victor Crowley from Hatchet, Beetlejuice, and *shudders* Sam from Trick ‘r Treat. Each figure comes with a bonus cutout backdrop to really make their terror pop!

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure — 6-inch Scale Action Figure —Toony Classics Bill and Ted 2 Pack

These figures are just as toony as the last batch, only less scary and more excellent. They’re the animated variants of Bill and Ted, just in time for Bill and Ted Face the Music‘s debut in August. Each dude comes with their favorite instrument and a cutout backdrop (time travel abilities not included).

Ghostface — 8-inch Clothed Action Figure

The scares are growing taller  — two inches taller — with the Ghostface action figure from the ‘90s thriller Scream. Ghostface is fully articulated with a tailored robe and hood, a screen-accurate sculpted mask, interchangeable hands, and that signature knife.

Jaws — 8-inch Clothed Action Figures

You’re going to need a bigger shelf because Chief Martin Brody and Sam Quint from Jaws are coming. At 8 inches tall, these fully articulated figures featuring the likeness of Roy Schneider as Chief Martin Brody and Robert Shaw as Sam Quint come with screen-accurate clothing and accessories such as Quint’s harpoon and Brody’s climactic oxygen tank. These two are amazing pieces for any collector, Spielberg fan, or Schneider-head out there (you know who you are).

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Photos: NECA