the op disney

Hey Disney fans, it’s time to geek out with this new trivia party game from the OP!

Take your game night to a whole new world with Geek Out! Disney, a social interaction and betting game available this fall for $19.95. This version brings the magical world of Disney into the original trivia game as fans boast their expertise in certain Disney topics and facts in their quest to win as everyone tries to “out-geek” one another.

To play, a six-sided die determines the round’s category out of five options: Disney animation, Pixar, Live Action, Music, and Miscellaneous. After the prompted question is read aloud, players can begin the bidding process to compare how many examples in each theme they can name. Themes include Aladdin characters, sports played in Pixar films, and films where a character makes a wish.

Teams will bounce wagers between each other to up the ante until the challenger with the highest bid proves their wits. Believe in yourself as you prove your wisdom and name the most applicable items to gain a point. However, if you can’t quite rival the all-knowing Merlin with your stellar trivia knowledge, you’ll end up losing two points. Don’t worry if you are in the negatives, there’s plenty of time to make a comeback and prove your Disney prowess before the game’s conclusion.

It’s game on as you prove who is the biggest Disney fan of them all!

Photo: The OP