This is not a drill! If you’ve racked up a sizable ThinkGeek shopping cart for “later,” or just need an excuse to fulfill all your fandom-fueled retail dreams, the online retailer has got you.

Today only, merch is 31.4159265359… percent off in honor of Pi Day. To make it easy for the non-mathematicians among us, ThinkGeek is rounding that to 31.42 percent off. The only exclusion seems to be preorder items.

Use code PIDAY19 for a discount on allll the things, from Marvel and Doctor Who to Harry Potter and Rick and Morty. You literally need everything, particularly what’s below.

captain america bagCaptain America WWII Backpack – $79.99

snorlax beanbagPokémon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair – $149.99 (Whose office doesn’t need this?!)


9 3/4 harry potterHarry Potter 9 3/4 Platform T-Shirt – $21.99


What are you waiting for? Stop reading; start shopping!

Photos: ThinkGeek