The pizza-eating, crime-fighting heroes we know and love are ready for action with new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ultimates Wave 1 — available to preorder now from Super7.

Raphael and Splinter are designed to annihilate Baxter Stockman, a bug-eyed evil scientist, and his foot soldier. The 7-inch figures come with a set of painted weapons and accessories, as well as unpainted weapons still on their rack. 


While each figure features different accessories, they all come with various hands that can be switched out for any battle. No detail is left behind. Some of our fave accessories include a second head and slice of pizza for Raphael and insect wings and a laser pistol for his enemy Stockman.

All four varieties of the action figure are hand-painted, made to order, and cost $45 each. It’s a totally tubular idea to order before the Oct. 31 deadline. The figures are expected to ship sometime next summer.