Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael are ready for action — and for your collectibles shelf — in a new series of Q-Figs from Quantum Mechanix (QMx).

The company revealed the fearless foursome in signature Q-Figs style, but these tiny turtles won’t be available for purchase until this summer. Each 5-inch figure costs $19.95 and features one of the TMNT posed on top of a round sewer base. Donatello has his bo staff, Michelangelo is shredding on his skateboard, Leonardo is wielding his ninjato swords, and Raphael is ready for a fight with his twin sais.

Fans can choose their fave turtle to add to their collection, or splurge on all four to create an impressive, Turtle-power-filled display. Preview the TMNT Q-Figs collection at and sign up for email alerts to be among the first to know when these figures go on sale.

Photos: Quantum Mechanix