The new Marvel collection from Toms is perfect for assembling an outfit — whether it’s to save New York City for the umpteenth time or just to walk with style.

The new Toms collab got its old-school look with inspiration from the OG four: Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. Each shoe comes with a Marvel x Toms collab logo on the inside sole, and all but the classic Toms have a “Property of Marvel” pull tab. Check out the styles below!

Classics, $64.95

Why mess with the best? Available in men’s or women’s sizes, these classic Toms with the iconic comic book strips emblazoned on them have the power to keep your feet stylish.

Trvl Lite Low Sneakers, $84.95-94.95

Women can choose to represent Iron Man in a red version of these Trvl Lite Low Sneakers, or keep it neutral with the black for $84.95. The men’s version is only available in black and retail for $94.95. 

Trvl Lite High Sneakers, $99.95

These sneakers only come in men’s sizes, but let’s be honest, women can wear them, too. They are dark navy with the logos of the OG Avengers dashed across the sides.

Tiny Toms, $29.95-41.95

Don’t worry: Little Avengers have not been forgotten! Tots can save the world, too, while wearing one of three different options, of course. These are arguably way cuter than the adult sizes, and I’m angry I can’t fit into the Hulk ones (but not that angry).

Harness the power of Mjolnir for a thunderous look, or keep it calm with Cap: Toms has you covered for all occasions. Find the full Marvel collab here!

Photo: Toms