The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is coming home.

For the first time ever, Jimmy Fallon is introducing new Hasbro party games.

Beginning on Aug. 1, a trio of new titles inspired by sketches featured on the long-running, NBC late-night show will hit game aisles at retailers everywhere. The Box of Lies Party Game, Face It Challenge Party Game, and Best Friend Challenge Party Game will be ready for families and friends to live out the challenges that are often faced by Fallon’s guests.

Jimmy Fallon Game

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Box of Lies

A player opens one of the mystery boxes without letting their opponent see. What ridiculous object is on the mystery card inside? They’ll either lie about it or tell the truth, depending on whether they flipped the Truth or Lie tile. Who can convince their opponent that they’re lying when they’re actually telling the truth? How about telling the truth when actually lying? Trick opponents to win the round — otherwise they do! It’s about bluffing your way to victory in this wickedly fun party game from Jimmy Fallon. The Box of Lies Party Game includes 150 double-sided mystery item cards, nine numbered mystery boxes, a cardboard player divider, Truth tile, Lie tile, four Question tokens, two plastic clips, and instructions.

Jimmy Fallon Game

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Face It Challenge

Players make outrageous faces based on scenarios like “Just bit into a lemon,” “Turning into a werewolf,” or “Robot trying to be human” — but try not to laugh or crack before their opponents do! Players need to keep their cool to win the Face-Off. The included double-sided mirror lets players practice their crazy faces, then drops for a head-to-head reveal. The first player to win three Face-Offs wins the game. Keep the laughs going in Party Mode where players battle it out for the title of Face-Off Master. The Face It Challenge Game includes a mirror, a game base, two cardboard panels, 100 Face It cards, and instructions.

Jimmy Fallon Game

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Best Friend Challenge

Besties put their friendship to the test in this party game that challenges them to answer “would you rather” questions with identical responses. Teams of friends wear a heart locket belt and each time they answer the same way, they turn the knob that brings the halves of the locket — and the two besties — closer together. Mismatched answers require them to draw a Bonding Moment card that instructs them to perform hilarious and often awkward activities. Completing the challenges can strengthen their friendship as it closes the distance between their halves of the heart locket. The team of besties that ends with the fewest Bonding Moment cards wins the game. The Best Friends Challenge Game includes a heart locket with retractable belts, 100 scenario cards, 50 bonding moment cards, and instructions.

All games will carry a $19.99 MSRP.

Photos: Hasbro