There’s a high chance you’ve spent at least part of this quarantine watching The Golden Girls reruns, and whether you’re a Blanche or a Sophia, Toynk’s new summer collection has something for you.

For fans looking for a presidential candidate that is equally as old, but way wiser, these Golden Girls presidential buttons have your choice sorted. Now you just need to choose if you want to vote for “the official gold standard of charm: Sophia” or stay classy with Rose. Each button measures 3 inches and is $6.99. Those who can’t choose just one silver savior can pick up the four-pack for $19.99.

Fans who want to stay out of politics (even the imaginary kind) can pick up a T-shirt with a modern twist on the gal pals for $19.99 each. Sold in men’s and women’s sizes, four tees can represent whatever mood you’re in. For the ultimate classic-meets-classic, the Sophia Petrillo, The Godmother top features the quick-witted character with her iconic cheesecake. Fans feeling a little more worldly can discover the Stay Golden Japan tee, which features Japanese writing under the squad.

Find the entire collection here!

Photo: Toynk