Uniqlo Pokemon T-shirts

Source: Uniqlo/The Pop Insider

Now is the perfect time for a little spring cleaning, so clear out those grimy old T-shirts and give your closet a refresh with new Pokémon apparel from Uniqlo.

Artist Daniel Arsham has created a sculptural collection titled “Relics of Kanto Through Time,” in which he imagines Pokémon characters unearthed a thousand years into the future as part of a fictional archaeology concept. Arsham is collaborating with Uniqlo to create a line of T-shirts featuring his drawings of Pokémon characters and their respective sculptures from his “Relics” project.

The collection offers seven designs for adults and kids printed with monotone graphics of crystallized sketches based on Pokémon favorites, such as Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Jigglypuff.

Pokémon fans can catch ‘em all on uniqlo.com starting this Friday.

Photo: Uniqlo