We may say “not today” to the god of death, but we are definitely saying “yes, today” to these new Game of Thrones-themed Funko Pop!s.

The new vinyl figures are straight out of “The Long Night,” the third episode of season eight, which depicts the battle of Winterfell. (Warning: major spoilers from that episode ahead.)

Spoiler Alert!

One of the new figures is Arya Stark, brandishing the two-headed dragonglass spear she asked Gendry to custom make her for the battle. The second figure is the Night King himself, with Arya’s Valyrian steel dagger sticking out of his chest. He’s also completely ice blue, just as he is on screen after Arya delivers her fatal stab.

Both figures are available for preorder now from Entertainment Earth. Each costs $10.99 and is expected to ship in October.

Photo: Funko