The peaceful island of Themyscira is under attack, and you need to work together with your Amazonian friends to defend it in the new Wonder Woman: Challenge of the Amazons cooperative strategy game from Ravensburger.

Ares, Circe, or The Cheetah — each one of Wonder Woman’s arch enemies — invade the island in three different gameplays. Players choose the villain to team up against, invoking different strategies and tactics to create a new experience every time they play. 

Players begin by strategizing together from a number of options available on the faceup cards. When the battle begins, players work alone to make the next decisions, chosen from cards that only they can see. Each player can choose one of five Amazon miniatures (dibs on Diana), which all come in a copper tone but can be painted for ultimate customization.

Two to five players are needed to defeat the trouble heading for Themyscira, and gameplay takes about 45-60 minutes. Lasso the game in on March 1, with preorders open now on Amazon for $34.99. You can also catch Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters on June 4.

Photo: Ravensburger