But seriously, you’ve been warned.

Ahead of the July 19 release of Disney’s live-action remake of the beloved The Lion King, the company released a trove of merch that I am legit dying to have. (Why are NYC closets so small?! The struggle.)

The line includes apparel, stationery, home goods, and — obvs — a bunch of items for babies and toddlers.

The standout of the collection just may be the special-edition Simba and Nala plush, though. Not only are they *the* cutest, but beginning on June 10, for each special-edition lion plush sold globally, Disney will donate $5 to the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) to support the Lion Recovery Fund (LRF) and its local partners as part of Disney’s larger Protect the Pride campaign.

Have a look-see at some of our favorites from the Lion King line below.

Lion King Blanket

The Lion King Baby Blanket by Milk Snob ($44.95) really just looks like the perfect-sized throw to me. Babies don’t need adorable nostalgic merch like I do; they won’t even know what they’re missing.

Lion King Backpack

OK, so technically the Lion King Backpack for Kids is, you know, a backpack for kids. But that just feels very limiting. What if you are a commuter with very few things? You deserve this backpack, too. Just look at all the colors and characters! Also, it’s only $19.95 (you listening, Hershel?!).

(I swear some of these products are actually meant for adults, just bear with me.)

Lion King clothes

Huzzah! Something for a whole adult! This Rafiki Short Sleeve Hoodie for Men by Junk Food is just begging for me to wear it to a sensible farmer’s market. And at $34.99, it’s def cheaper than the bill will be from said market. (Either I’m having an identity crisis or products really don’t need all these extra labels like kids and men’s; pshaw.)

Lion King Necklace

The totes adorbs Hakuna Matata Pendant Necklace features three little charms — a Simba silhouette, a sun, and a loop with ”Hakuna Matata” on one side and ”It means no worries” on the other — in different metal tones on an 18-inch, sterling silver rope link chain. It retails for $39.95 and is going into my cart.

Pictured at the top, the Lion King Cooler Tote ($49.95) looks easy to clean and like it could fit allll the drinks. So, done and done. Goodbye, money.

Check out the rest of the collection at shopDisney to snag some must-have merch of your own.

Photos: Disney