August is going to be a big month for Yu-Gi-Oh!, with tons of new product releases for the trading card game to keep fans busy for the rest of the summer.

Speed Duel Starter Decks: Ultimate Predators and the Speed Duel: Scars of Battle booster set both launch on Aug. 2, introducing Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood, and Bandit Keith to Speed Dueling. Speed Duel Starter Decks: Ultimate Predators includes 66 cards: a 30-card Rex Raptor Deck, a 30-card Weevil Underwood Deck, four skill cards, and two ultra-rare variant cards. Speed Duel: Scars of Battle includes 45 new-to-Speed Duel cards and five brand-new skill cards, including 34 commons, eight super rares, and eight ultra rares.

Structure Deck: Rokket Revolt arrives in stores on Aug. 16, bringing new monsters and maneuvers to the “Rokket” strategy, combining the Dragon-Type “Borrel” forces with Cyberse “Topologic” monsters. Structure Deck: Rokket Revolt includes a beginner’s guide, a double-sided deluxe game mat/dueling guide, and 46 cards total, including 39 commons, four super rares, and three ultra rares.

Fists of the Gadgets launches on Aug. 16, marking the return of The Brotherhood of the Fire Fist. Fists of the Gadgets includes 60 cards, including 40 super rares and 20 secret rares.

The 2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin hits stores on Aug. 30, featuring a collector’s tin format with a new vessel to protect cards, styled after the classic Gold Sarcophagus spell card. Each 2019 Gold Sarcophagus Tin contains five Prismatic Secret Rare variant cards and three mega-packs with 16 cards each: 12 commons, a rare, a super rare, an ultra rare, and a Prismatic secret rare.

Photo: Yu-Gi-Oh!