From left to right: Guardians Of Light Necklace, R2 Series Ring, The Jedi Master Diamond Necklace, Dark Armor Ring, and The Jedi Order Necklace | Source: Star Wars Fine Jewelry/the Pop Insider

The spice traders are about to make a career change once they see the fine galactic jewelry they could be dealing instead.

Jewelry Television (JTV) has expanded its Star Wars Fine Jewelry collection with pieces for every Jedi and Sith. There are more than 20 new arrivals that include earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets for all genders. The prices range from $149.99 on the more affordable end to $1,999.99 on the higher end, and all pieces feature real gold, silver, diamonds, or other precious gemstones.

Some stylish standouts include an R2-D2-inspired ring featuring a blue sapphire simulant and a red garnet simulant for $149.99; a Darth Vader-inspired ring made with black rhodium, red garnet, and black diamonds for $374.99; The Jedi Order necklace featuring a black onyx pendant set with white diamond accents for $224.99; and The Jedi Master necklace with a yellow gold Yoda pendant surrounded by white diamonds for $449.99

Some of the Grogu jewelry from Star Wars Fine Jewelry | Source: Star Wars Fine Jewelry/the Pop Insider

Fans can put their Star Wars fandom on full display with some of the more obvious pieces, like the Yoda pendant, while other pieces give a more subtle hint of geek chic. There is also a Mandalorian collection inspired by Grogu, Mando, and Ahsoka Tano that includes Grogu pendants (with the baby both in and out of his pod), a Mandalorian helmet ring, and more.

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Whether you find yourself more attracted to the Light Side or the Dark Side, there’s something for everyone in the galaxy. Visit to check out what’s new from Star Wars Fine Jewelry.