These mini fridges are designed to look like retro vending machines. | Source: New Wave Toys/the Pop Insider

Why buy a boring mini fridge when you could buy the most adorable mini fridge we’ve ever seen?

New Wave Toys, known for offering super-detailed replicas of retro technology through its Replicade and Replitronics lines, has released a duo of Coca-Cola mini fridges designed to look (and work — sort of) like vending machines.

The two tiny refrigerators are 1:6-scale vending machine reproductions, available in Coca-Cola Classic (circa 1988) and New Coke (late ’80s) versions. The front of each machine opens to reveal cold storage, which can hold two cans or one bottle of soda.

Source: New Wave Toys

But that’s not the coolest part (pun intended). The front vending machine portion actually distributes tiny Coke cans. Insert two of the included mini coins, press one of the buttons to select Coke, and a mini can pops out. Both fridges’ doors are also illuminated, lighting up the Coke logo, the buttons, and the dollar accepter (non-functional).

These officially licensed replicas are available to preorder now from New Wave Toys for $159.99 (with a sale price of $139.99 at the time of writing). They are expected to ship this fall.

New Wave Toys also launched the next title in its Replicade line of 1:6-scale arcade machines: Food Fight. The tabletop machine offers a playable recreation of Atari’s 1983 game and comes with an HDMI cord to take the Food Fight action to a bigger screen. The cabinet comes with an adhesive wad of pre-chewed “gum” to add to the machine, along with a swappable, bannana-shaped joystick topper (an homage to the game’s field-testing days). This game is available to preorder now, both in a standard edition and in a preorder-exclusive version with special cabinet art variations. It is expected to ship early next year.

Anyone who wants to revisit the ’80s can visit the links below to preorder these yummy retro replicas!