Source: New Zealand Mint

Your coin collection is about to get chubbier.

New Zealand Mint is adapting the cuddly, cute Japanese artform Chibi into its licensed coins. As if the announcement wasn’t powerful and magical enough, the first two adorable characters are Harry Potter and Batman.

In August, the company will announce two more characters and three more every month following for the rest of the year. All of the outlines are on display right here, and while we’re not exactly Sherlock-level detectives, we know R2D2 and Darth Vader outlines when we see them.

The rest of the characters are a bit more ambiguous, but we’ll be impatiently waiting in front of the computer until we catch ‘em all. The Boy Who Lived and the Caped Crusader are both available right now, at a limited release of only 2,000 coins each. Both of the 1-ounce silver coins arrive in their own individual fandom-fueled box and cost $95.