Ever since the Star Wars revival in 2015, tensions have been high between George Lucas and the new Star Wars players in town. Disney’s iteration of Lucas’ massive franchise refused most of Lucas’ ideas for the new trilogy and the tension and low key shade has been palpable on social media and in interviews since then. In a refreshing twist, it seems that Disney is beginning to consider the ideas of the man who created the world we know and love.

When Lucas visited the set of Solo: A Star Wars Story, he came up with an alternative scene that would work better for Han’s character. Luckily, Lucas had previously worked with Ron Howard on the ’70s movie, American Graffiti, so when Lucas suggested an alternate scene, Howard immediately jumped on board and alerted the crew of the changes. Howard noted, “I know when I hear a good idea.”

But Lucas wasn’t marching onto set Vader style and bossing the crew around—he mostly stayed watching on the sidelines up until he pitched the joke that Howard would later use in the film. Lucas has generally stayed away from the Star Wars productions since he sold Lucasfilm to Disney so it was a show of good faith for his friend that he visited the set.

Solo: A Star Wars Story had already had its fair share of problems. Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who were originally slated to direct the film, stepped down because of the age old tale of creative differences, mere weeks before filming was set to end. Everyone was determined to make the film happen, though—Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy, and Lawrence Kasdan discussed the idea of a Han Solo prequel discussed before Disney even bought Lucasfilms. Set for release May 25, the film may just be the start of a mended bridge between Lucas and the current Star Wars creative team, so maybe Lucas will continue to have more involvement in the franchise in the future.

h/t: EW