Amazon has always been a place where you can literally find anything. In search of a 10-pound bag of gummy bears or a singular paperclip? It’s got you covered. Now, it’s home to something we all might actually need: official Nintendo merch!

There are too many items to name, but the store is divided between apparel, accessories, and franchise. Our favorites are below!

Super Mario and all of his iconic friends (and enemies) are ready for a new kind of battle. The 32 hand-painted chess pieces make up an incredible set that comes together in a collectible tin. Grab it for $48.84.

Basically any T-shirt you can imagine is available. There are also several sweatshirts and even one pair of Zelda pants. Grab one with an inspiring message, like the one above, or something that shows off your favorite characters. Prices are generally somewhere in the $25 range.

Animal Crossing pops out of your screen with an Isabelle action figure. She comes complete with a bell to remake her signature sounds. Find her here for $66.99.

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this puzzle with you. The map of Hyrule is 550 pieces and measures 2 feet long when it’s finished. Grab it for $10.89.

Find hundreds of other items on the official page.

Photos: Amazon