Source: Numskull

Do you have what it takes to be a hero? Here’s a hint: just like Izuku Midoriya, you don’t actually need any superpowers — just My Hero Academia merch. 

Merchandise manufacturer Numskull is taking a trip to U.A. High School with a range of new gaming accessories inspired by the hit anime series. Designed for anime fans who double as gamers, the line features MHA-themed headsets, charging mats, and cable & thumb grips. 

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The Charging Matz | Source: Numskull

Each item draws inspiration from the show’s characters, motifs, and logo. Fans can activate their One For All Quirk with the yellow-and-blue Nintendo Switch Case, which includes a red line drawing of the MHA universe’s number one hero, All Might. Novice fans, don’t sweat it if you’re not up to All Might speed, because the Charging Matz — which is a non-slip, wireless mobile device charger — features a colorful image of none other than Izuku himself. 

The My Hero Academia line is available for purchase now on, with prices ranging from $15.99-29.99. Find your quirk!