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It’s happening, folks! Exclusives for NYCC and MCM Comic Con’s Metaverse are coming in hot, and Diamond Select Toys has revealed five new figures for this virtual fan event.

To start, there is a Rocketeer Vinimates Rocketeer Noir, pictured above, which is available exclusively from (The other four exclusives are also available from local comic book stores!) This 4-inch vinyl figure features a new black, white, and silver paint scheme to resemble newspaper photos and film footage of the day. The figure costs $9.99 and is limited to 300 pieces.

Check out the four additional figures below!

Source: DST

Godzilla Vinimates Fire Rodan | $9.99 | 1,000 pieces

As seen in Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, the winged Kaiju Rodan is re-animated as Fire Rodan, with a new paint scheme on his 4-inch Vinimates vinyl figure.

Source: DST

Marvel Comic Gallery Lady Deadpool Unmasked PVC Diorama | $49.99 | 1,000 pieces

Lady Deadpool removes her mask for this 8-inch Marvel Gallery Diorama, revealing her unscarred face.

Source: DST

Marvel Comic Gallery Venom Glow-in-the-Dark PVC Diorama | $49.99 | 2,000 pieces

Measuring approximately 9 inches tall, this sculpture depicts Venom mid-merge — with Brock visible under the symbiote. It also features glow-in-the-dark paint details!

Source: DST

Marvel Comic Gallery Jubilee Bubble PVC Diorama | $50 | 1,000 pieces

Wearing her trademark yellow coat, this 8-inch version of Jubilee blows a chewing-gum bubble as she dodges the Danger Room’s attacks.

Order these exclusives now online, or use the comic shop locator to find a store selling them near you!