Handmade by Robots Mystery is expanding its Scooby-Doo line with a collection of villains, including the translucent Snow Ghost (center). | Source: The Pop Insider

Start treating yourself for Halloween (this year and next year) with Handmade by Robots’ new Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Scooby-Doo preorders.

For a quick refresher, the company specializes in vinyl figures that have the appearance of being carefully knit. Scooby-Doo and a few of the gang — Shaggy and Velma — are already available for purchase, along with the famous Mystery Machine. However, the collectibles company decided to up the ante with some new additions to the line, which were on display at this week’s New York Comic Con (NYCC).

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Every fan has their own fave Scooby villain, so Handmade by Robots will be releasing a limited run of bad boys to go with your meddling kids. And the company isn’t playing it safe: The Black Knight will be its first electroplated figure and the Snow Ghost will be its first translucent figure. The Creeper, the Phantom Shadow, Charlie the Funland Robot, and Miner Forty-Niner round out the offerings.

The prices for these 5-inch figures range from $14.95-19.95, and they are available for preorder now, with shipping dates between this month and March. And if you’re looking for something to trim your tree or adorn your desk, the 1.75-inch tall micro charms set ($29.95) miniaturizes a few of the guys and adds Scooby-Doo back into the mix.

Jojo’s infamous ice cream truck from 1988’s Killer Klowns from Outer Space will soon terrorize horror fans. | Source: The Pop Insider

Other new figures from Handmade by Robots are inspired by a cult-classic horror film, Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Even though the characters are from outer space, these Killer Klowns are firmly on the ground and available for preorder now. To go along with the previously dropped full-size Chubby and Shorty figures, fans can pick their favorite flavor with the November and December releases of Daisy, Rosebud, and Slim in full size for $19.95 and Jojo’s Ice Cream Truck in mighty size for $29.95. Or you can get the triple scoop and purchase them all to round out your collection!

Whether you celebrate Halloween solely in October or practice year-round, rock on with your spooky self by purchasing these detailed Handmade by Robots vinyl figures.