The Topps Company’s NYCC Booth featured a take-a-card, leave-a-card activation. | Source: The Pop Insider

Things are getting topsy-turvy over at The Topps Company

The collectibles company has made a name for itself in the digital space this year by extending its popular trading cards into downloadable content such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The company took to New York Comic Con (NYCC) to display its newest collectibles and discuss the future of NFTs. 

On the physical side of the business, Topps showcased its Garbage Pail Kids (GPK) and Star Wars cards. At the convention, fans of GPK could take a card or leave a card at the company’s card wall, or head over to the giant GPK fortune-telling machine. 

Topps’ Garbage Pail Kids fortune-telling machine that dispensed GPK cards. | Source: The Pop Insider

As for the digital side, the brand is gearing up to expand its collections even further. Topps recently released its NHL Skate app, where sports fanatics can play trivia, create their own digital Topps cards, and play a memory-matching game. Topps still plans to extend further into the digital NFT space, focusing on GPK and its sports NFTs. “We’re just trying to stay as current as possible with all our releases,” says Bob Hearon, digital marketing manager at The Topps Company. “As well as doing a lot of visual designs for all of our sets and apps.” 

A few of Topps’ Star Wars collectible trading cards. | Source: The Pop Insider

The Topps Company also has plans to connect its digital and physical spaces. “I think that’s a big thing for all the apps — trying to convert to the physical,” Hearon explains. Topps just released its Star Wars Chrome Galaxy collection, which has special visual effects in the Topps app. Now, the brand is converting those same visual effects to physical trading cards. 

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With new releases and partnerships coming down the pipeline with Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, Topps has no plans to slow down. “The sky’s the limit now,” Hearon says. Fans can expect to see Topps products from movies such as Disney’s live-action The Little Mermaid, and perhaps even Marvel’s She-Hulk. Until then, there are plenty of GPK and Star Wars collectibles to go around.

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