Some of the new designs available from Original Stitch | Source: Original Stitch

Original Stitch has been offering a collection of customizable apparel and accessories for Pokémon fans for a few years now, but the company’s latest drop gives a whole new, creative twist to the Pokémon style potential.

Today, the company debuted five new patterns, each designed by a contemporary artist who has put their own twist on beloved Pokémon characters. The patterns come from Chari, Chocomoo, Craig & Karl, and Rob Kidney, who all infused the designs with their personal styles.

All five patterns available from the this collaboration | Source: Original Stitch/the Pokémon Co./the Pop Insider

Pokémon fans can select from these patterns when customizing their Original Stitch Pokémon shirts. The new patterns join an existing lineup of hundreds of Pokémon-inspired designs, which fans can select from to customize shirts, aprons, bandanas, masks, and more. (To clarify, the artists’ patterns are only available for shirts.)

The first 1,000 shoppers to order a shirt featuring one of the new patterns will also receive a complimentary sticker featuring work from the guest artists.

To check out the patterns and learn more about Original Stitch’s Pokémon lineup, head to