Pair Eyewear Harry Potter Collection | Source: Pair Eyewear

The customizable glasses brand Pair Eyewear is celebrating two decades of damaged glasses from misspoken spells and rogue golden snitches on the big screen with a Harry Potter-themed glasses collection!

The collection — timed with the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone‘s theatrical release — features 10 different toppers that fans can add to any existing Pair frames. The toppers attach via magnets and are easy to swap!

Each of the four Hogwarts houses has two different designs in the collection: one plaid and one striped, each featuring the colors for the respective house. All of the Hogwarts House frames are branded with the crest for the corresponding house in both the top right and left corners, in case anyone dares to question how true you are to the house of your choice.

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For those who can’t choose just one house, there is a dark-blue Hogwarts-themed topper that’s covered in light-blue, star-like designs with the full Hogwarts crest in both corners. The collection also features a black topper called “The Lightning Bolt” that features fiery yellow lightning bolts all over and a red “HP” logo in the corners. These toppers are perfect for Potter fans who have always wanted to bear the mark of The Boy Who Lived without having to encounter You Know Who.

These magical toppers are available for all Pair frame shapes for both adults and children. Each topper costs $30, while the base glasses frames cost $60. You can choose to get these glasses just for fashion fun, or with prescription lenses. The Pair Eyewear Harry Potter collection is available now at