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Even though Andrew Lincoln is set to depart from The Walking Dead this upcoming season, he may not be leaving entirely.

Lincoln said that he’s looking to make a return to the Georgia set to learn the tricks of the director trade, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. His goal is to be lead director of an episode next season.

“I’m going back,” Lincoln said. “I’m going back to shadow a director, and my intention is to direct next year.”

This wouldn’t be the first time an actor in the Walking Dead franchise has directed an episode. In fact, Fear the Walking Dead’s Colman Domingo (who plays Strand) recently took charge of “Weak,” an episode in the spin-off series. The Walking Dead‘s very own Michael Cudlitz (who appeared as Abraham on TWD) also directed this coming season’s seventh episode, “Stradivarius,” set to air on November 18. Both actors shadowed directors on set before giving it a go themselves, just like Lincoln plans to do.

Coming back in some capacity wasn’t a tough decision for the post-apocalyptic sheriff. “I can’t be that far away because I can’t bear it,” Lincoln says. “That’s how much I am invested in the show and the continuation of the story.”

We welcome you with open arms.

h/t Entertainment Weekly