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Call Me By Your Name actor Armie Hammer’s tweeted an apology after his recent social media critique in which he criticized fans who posted photos of themselves with the late Stan Lee after his death.

While many fans and Hollywood actors shared their reactions of sadness and gratefulness, Hammer’s initial message caused controversy. Hammer’s message called out users for posting their photos with the comic legend as nothing more than self-promotion. The actor received public backlash for his tone-deaf comment on Twitter.

While he deleted the initial tweet, Hammer since public apologized for his “unnecessary social commentary about the selfie culture.”

Hammer’s tweet to those he “inadvertently offended who were genuinely grieving the loss of a true icon” promises to work on a better “Twitter impulse control.”

The apology also acknowledged actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who called out the actor for his insensitive comments. Morgan criticized Hammer for his “unnecessary outburst on social media” and accused him of taking the focus off Lee’s passing the same way he criticized people’s photo in his original tweet. Both tweets have since been deleted.

h/t Screenrant