Welcome to the Board, Bob C.

The Walt Disney Company Board of Directors elected Disney’s new Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek to the Board.

Chapek has been in the new role since late February, taking the place of former CEO and current Executive Chairman Bob Iger. With the disruptive COVID-19 pandemic, the transition has not been easy, as Chapek faces delays in the entertainment schedule, major merchandise delays, park closures, and so much more.

“Bob Chapek has demonstrated remarkable leadership in the face of unprecedented challenges that were unimaginable when he became CEO just seven weeks ago, and we’ve watched him navigate this very complex situation with decisiveness and compassion,” said Susan Arnold, independent lead director of the Disney Board, and Robert A. Iger, executive chairman and chairman of the Board, in a press release.

A recent report from The New York Times dives into the reasons Bob Iger may have retired as CEO of the family-friendly entertainment company, and outlines that due to the effects of the coronavirus, he’s still majorly involved and taking the “executive” part of his new title very seriously.

Disney World just furloughed 43,000 employees, major 2020 film releases keep getting pushed back, and the parks are closed indefinitely. And even when they do reopen, there will likely be changes put in place to keep guests and cast members safe. It’s not an easy time for the House of Mouse, but with two Bobs at the helm, hopefully their collective decades of experience in the entertainment world will be enough to bring Disney back to the top of the entertainment food chain.

Photo: The Walt Disney Co.