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Following the ongoing saga of potential reinstatement and cast support since James Gunn was fired from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it seems as if Disney and Marvel are standing by their original decision not to reinstate the director for the latest installment in the Guardians franchise.

After meetings between Disney, Marvel, and Gunn in which the parties tried to reach a formidable compromise, Disney execs are not looking to reinstate Gunn for the project.

Gunn was let go from the franchise after old tweets resurfaced that made light of pedophilia and rape. To show their support for the two-time franchise director, the cast signed an open letter in Gunn’s favor. Chris Pratt, who stars in the films as Star-Lord, later said it hasn’t been an “easy” time for himself or the entire Guardians cast.

According to Variety, Gunn and his representatives at UTA pushed hard for a second chance for the franchise director, and Disney chairman Alan Horn decided to take the meeting as a courtesy to clear the air. While Variety describes the meeting as civil and professional, Horn stood by his original decision not to reinstate Gunn.

Disney and Marvel will soon continue the search for a new director for the third film, while the production schedule still remains unknown. Prior to the scandal, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was scheduled to begin production in 2019 with Gunn’s original script. Time will tell where the story goes and when we’ll see it unfold on the big screen.

h/t Variety