Most high school students spend their summer working part-time jobs, taking summer classes, attending summer camp, or traveling, but for Kyle Giersdorf, he spent his summer vacation becoming the No. 1 Fortnite player in the world. Not too shabby for the 16-year-old.

The Fortnite World Cup battle came to a close this weekend at New York’s Arthur Ashe stadium with an exciting battle for glory and the largest esports grand prize. Giersdorf — a player for the Sentinels organization who goes by the nickname “Bugha” — dominated the competition and took home the trophy and $3 million bounty in the individual competition, according to CNN.

Bugha started off strong by winning the first round with nine in-game kills, and even more kills throughout the rounds to total an impressive 59 points, according to the standings posted on Epic Games’ website. The Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania, native’s final score saw a decent-sized gap between the teen and his second-place rival’s — Harrison “Psalm” Chang — final point tallies, as he took home the grand prize.

This past weekend’s Fortnite World Cup invited players of any skill level to participate in the tournament in a bid for the largest prize sum in an esports tournament.

Photo: Twitter