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Hamilton: An American Musical creator visionary Lin-Manuel Miranda released the final Hamildrop song with an appropriate remix of the musical’s song, “One Last Time.” Not only did Miranda produce the track with gospel musician BeBe Winans and Hamilton’s Alex Lacamoire, but some special guests lend their vocals to the track.

Original musical star Christopher Jackson (original Broadway cast as George Washington) sings his showstopping ballad, with an assist from former President Barack Obama.

Miranda launched his Hamildrop series last December, where he featured new Hamilton-related musical content monthly. As Miranda—now starring in Mary Poppins Returns—bids farewell to his musical series, a tribute to the show’s tearful parting song seems appropriate.

The “44 Remix,” named in honor of the 44th president and single’s guest, the piano-led track is a soulful rendition of the musical song. Jackson sings the now-iconic lyrics backed by a gospel choir. Obama joins mid-tune with a moving passage from George Washington’s historical farewell address, an excerpt that is featured in the play, as Jackson continues singing in the background. The track ends on a celebratory note as the music fades out.

Obama’s inclusion in this final Hamildrop calls back to early days of Hamilton. Miranda was inspired to write the complete musical following an early workshop of “Alexander Hamilton he performed at the White House during the Obama’s spoken word night event. Then, in 2017, Miranda and OBC member Jackson performed “One Last Time” during a farewell celebration for Obama.

Talk about a mic drop.

h/t Rolling Stone