The Bachelor came to an end last night as Cassie took Colton back after she dumped him and then he dumped the remaining two contestants, as Chris Harrison acted like a perv and repeatedly teased the status of Colton’s virginity over and over and over again, and as the next Bachelorette was finally revealed. Whew.

Hannah Brown is the chosen one for the next season of The Bachelorette. ABC didn’t do a very good job at concealing it — she was spotted filming all over the University of Alabama in the past week — but you never know with them (remember when we all wanted Peter, aka the prince who was promised, to be the Bachelor and they took that away from us to punish us with Arie instead?).

ICYMI, Hannah B was the 23-year-old former pageant girl (Miss Alabama) who feuded with other former pageant girl Caelynn Miller-Keyes (Miss North Carolina) this season. She froze when Colton asked her to make a toast in a hot tub, struggled hardcore to put basic sentences together, and growled and roared at the camera multiple times for no reason.

Her season kicked off last night at the live “After the Final Rose” finale, where she was surprised with the first five contestants on stage, had trouble finding pretty much any words to say, and awarded one of the guys with the first rose of the season.

Bachelor Nation is divided, as per usual, on the decision. Some call her quirky and relatable and charming, others call her dumb and awkward. Here’s a look at some of the reactions on Twitter.

Photo: ABC