Although director James Cameron no longer holds the record for the highest-grossing film in movie theaters (Avatar), he took the time to pass along his congratulations to the Russo brothers when their Avengers: Endgame secured that top slot over the weekend.

After Endgame reached the impressive milestone and surpassed $2.79 billion in box office sales, dethroning Avatar, Cameron tweeted some kind words on Twitter yesterday. He wrote, “Oel ngati kameie, I see you Marvel. Congratulations to Avengers: Endgame on becoming the new box-office king,” along with an image of Iron-Man surrounded by Pandoran woodsprite seeds.

Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo responded to the gracious message with a tweet of their own, explaining how Cameron’s work has inspired them as filmmakers next to images of a few of Cameron’s most prolific works. They wrote, “You’re a monumental reason why we fell in love with film in the first place. Thank you for always inspiring us and opening the world’s eyes to what’s possible. We can’t wait to see where you take us next …”

Photo: Twitter