DC or Marvel? It’s a rivalry as old as time, and it looks like James Gunn may switch sides.

After being fired from Disney/Marvel over controversial tweets, the former Guardians of the Galaxy director may switch to DC and write and possibly direct the second Suicide Squad movie.

The movie would be a new take on the franchise as opposed to a direct sequel, which would allow Gunn to inject the humor that made the Guardian’s franchise successful.

When reports broke about Gunn potentially working on Suicide Squad, Guardians actor Dave Batista, who has been very outspoken against Gunn’s firing, shared an article about the rumors, adding “Where do I sign up?”

This has left fans and sites such as Games Radar thinking of roles Batista could play if he were to leave Marvel after Avengers 4 and join the DC Universe. The most popular choice so far is the infamous Batman villain, Bane.

Suicide Squad 2 is expected to begin filming in 2019.

h/t CNET