Image: @RobLiefeld

Just when we thought the ultimate “Who is the next Captain America?” debate was down to Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes or Anthony Mackie’s Falcon, John Cena throws his name in the ring.

An Instagram post from Cena kicked off rumors about his replacing Chris Evans, who bid farewell to the Star Spangled Man (or at least appeared to) after Avengers: Endgame wrapped. Cena simply shared a photo of the iconic Captain America shield, without a caption or any context.

Fans quickly and strongly divided in the comments, some loving the idea of Cena playing Cap and others vehemently against it.

Cena also addressed his desire to play the superhero during an appearance on Ellen, saying:

“If it’s out there, if the Captain America people are listening and you’re out there watching right now, I’ll totally do it. I totally will. I think I’d be a good Captain America. I think I’d be a good Captain America. And I’ve already ruined everybody’s childhood, so it can’t get any worse!”

The “ruined everybody’s childhood” remark referenced his haircut, which many WWE fans disliked.

Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld jumped in on the fun, photoshopping Cena’s head onto Captain America and noting that Evans leaves some “big pecs to fill.”

Honestly, the whole thing is likely a joke for Cena. Who doesn’t dream about saving the world or joining the MCU? Maybe Marvel will catch wind and give Cena a part in phase four.

h/t: Cinema Blend