Photo: Men’s Journal

Another slasher franchise is looking to make a comeback after Halloween achieved box-office success this weekend. Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment and LeBron James’ SpringHill Entertainment are in talks to acquire the rights to a new Friday the 13th movie.

While the project is still in very early in its development—there is currently no writer or director attached—it is expected to feature the franchises’ horrific murderer Jason Voorhees. The goalie-mask wearing killer has been the center of the slasher films since the original film debuted in 1980.

The news of a Friday the 13th revival comes on the heals of Universal and Blumhouse’s reboot of Halloween, which demolished previous box office records this past weekend on its way to a $77.8 million domestic haul.

SpringHill Entertainment has been busy since James made a move to Los Angeles, coming on board to produce a sequel to Space Jam. And while James has experienced success in the entertainment industry, Friday the 13th is easily his biggest film score yet.

h/t Variety