Image: Disney

When asked about The Last Jedi, the most divisive film in the Star Wars franchise, Oscar Isaac did not hold back.

Yet the Star Wars actor isn’t angry with fans who disliked the film. Instead, referring to the backlash, he encouraged fans to use their dislike as creative motivation. He said:

“What I think is really special about the whole thing, particularly for people that really didn’t agree with where the story went, is that it’s often a great inspiration to do your own stuff. Obviously, making your own Star Wars movie is a bit of a tough challenge, but at least from a narrative standpoint maybe you make your own thing and then show what you would want. Make what you would want to see.”

The Last Jedi wasn’t the only Star Wars controversy Isaac addressed during the interview, which was promoting his latest film, Operation Finale. He also discussed the mock trial fans held at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, trying Poe Dameron for disobeying Vice Admiral Holdo.

“It’s incredible, because you have people actually engaging with the ethical question of war and what leadership is. The last thing you want is for people to watch a movie and be like, Great,’ and then move on. With The Last Jedi, the conversation continues and can stir real emotions. You’re having a conversation about actual things that matter, you know?”

Isaac will reprise his role of Poe Dameron in Star Wars: Episode IX, which is currently in production.

h/t: Movie Web