Riverdale worked in a touching tribute to Luke Perry in its first episode back after Perry passed away unexpectedly on Monday following a stroke. Perry played Archie’s (KJ Apa’s) loving dad Fred Andrews on The CW teen drama, always there to lend a helping hand to his son, who happens to be a magnet for trouble. Archie fiercely protected his father at all costs, especially ever since he got shot by the Black Hood in season one.

**Spoiler alert!** In last night’s episode, shot weeks earlier, Archie takes a young homeless boy under his wing after he finds the kid hiding out in his gym. The boy was staying at a shelter, but he ran away after getting branded with the same sacrifice mark Archie has from Griffins & Gargoyles, marking him for death. It turns out the boy is Joaquin’s younger brother and has been sent to kill Archie (aka the “Red Paladin”), as Archie finds out when the boy stabs him in his own home. That’s when Fred walks through the front door and Archie calls for his dad to watch out.

Fred bandages Archie, and when Archie wonders why horrible things keep happening to him, Fred assures him that it’s not his fault, telling him, “You just got a big heart.” The episode ended with an “in memoriam” episode-closing title card dedicated to Perry, later tweeted by E! News.

Riverdale has shut down production since Perry’s death and the fate of his character is still unclear. At least the world will have a little more time with Perry through Fred Andrews.

Photo: The CW