Since Batffleck (Ben Affleck’s Batman) hung up his mantle, the DC universe has been searching for its next cinematic Bruce Wayne to take his place. And, if reports from Variety and Deadline are true, the search is almost over.

In anticipation of the upcoming The Batman, set for a June 25, 2021, release, director Matt Reeves has reportedly narrowed down his potential caped hero to either former teen heartthrob Rob Pattinson or X-Men and Tolkien star Nicholas Hoult. Either way, it seems Reeves’ version of the Caped Crusader is going younger and British for the new flick.

While Warner Bros. has yet to confirm the casting choice, these reports indicate that R. Pattz is the producers’ top choice for the film, which is expected to begin pre-production this summer.

Pattison, in addition to being the producing team’s pick, is also the fans’ pick. Since the rumored announcement, fans have shared many thoughts on this casting choice.

Some have praised Pattison’s acting chops, while others reminisced on how far the former Twilight and Harry Potter star has come.

And then, others just want a good DC flick. Which, don’t we all?

But this race isn’t over just yet! Other fans also have some strong feelings should Hoult be chosen to embody Bruce Wayne.

Photo: Shutterstock | Fox Searchlight Pictures