Photo: Rotten Tomatoes

After criticism from fans and filmmakers over its “fresh” or “rotten” ratings scale, Rotten Tomatoes plans to change how its site scores movies, including the addition of multiple new “Tomatometer-approved” critics.

In addition to adding 200 critics to its site, Rotten Tomatoes hopes to change its Critics Criteria to promote more inclusion and diversity. So far, the new critics reach a more diverse base, raising its previously underrepresented demographics to a minimum of 20 percent and adding more voices to the review panel.

The statement reads, “In revamping our Critics Criteria, we sought to bring the criteria into better alignment with the way media works today, to promote the inclusion of more voices that reflect the varied groups of people who consume entertainment, and to maintain the high standards we’ve always set for inclusion in the group of Tomatometer-approved critics.”

In addition, the review site announced that it plans to feature more podcast and video reviews as well as the print reviews for which the site is already known.

h/t Gizmodo