While the memory of legendary Marvel comic book writer Stan Lee will always live on through his work, fans want to honor his legacy in a more permanent way.

David Gourlay of Edinburgh, Scotland, started a petition on Change.org in December last year for the New York City Council to erect a statue of Mr. Marvel in his hometown of New York.

The petition’s webpage traffic has soared since then, and it broke 100,000 signatures this morning.

Gourlay explains in his personal story, “I’m starting this petition because I have enjoyed and respected his work, like many others over the years, and think a statue in his honour would be right for keeping his memory alive.”

Several fans relate to Gourlay’s story, as the petition for Lee’s memorial statue is only 50,000 signatures shy of reaching its goal. The “Reasons for Signing” section is flooded with love for the writer.Stan LeeStan Lee Statue PetitionStan Lee Statue petition

A similar petition popped up on Change.org in December that’s very clear cut, simply titled “Stan lee statue.” Who cares about grammar? Stan Lee’s statue is a more important issue!

Tate Dunn of Geelong West, Australia, explains it the way most true fans would, “Give this man a statue” — it’s a mystery why he didn’t add the period because it’s necessary in more ways than one.

That petition reached 7,600 supporters this morning and has another 2,396 to go before reaching its goal.

Photo: Entertainment Weekly