The Holiday Hut Shop collection | Source: Pizza Hut

A new merch collection is here to fill that Pizza Hut-shaped hole in your heart.

The Holiday Hut Shop is open now and full of limited-edition, pizza-themed gifts and collectibles. Fans of the carb-haven can get their oven mitts on matching pajamas, ornaments, gift wrapping sets, and more.

By more, I mean the actual most. You may have spent your childhood at the Pizza Hut lunch buffet drinking cola out of an iconic red cup but you’re an adult now. It’s time to make your pizza parties classy with the wine glasses and rocks glasses designed to look like the plastic cups you remember — but fancy. Each is sold separately in a two-pack.


Fans of all ages can also turn pizza time into playtime with the Matchbox Playset. It’s designed to mirror a time before everyone ordered their food via app. The delivery car is parked outside of that red oasis found in every small town in the ‘90s.

The Pizza Hut Matchbox Car and matching pajama set | Source: Pizza Hut

Everything can be wrapped up under the tree with the Gift Wrapping Set. It comes with two rolls of wrapping paper, 25 sheets of tissue paper, and 15 gift tags. For on the tree, the three-piece ornament set features a hanging light fixture affixed to all of your memories, a triple treat box, and a brick wall with the words “No one Out Pizzas the Hut.” Curl up at the end of the day for a post-food nap with the matching PJs that somehow encapsulate pizza *and* the holidays.

Give someone a pizza your heart with the collection available online now!