Source: Squishable/The Pop Insider

It’s 2020 and we’re into plague doctors now.

The medieval medical workers may not have been very good at science but it turns out their fashion can never go out of style. Squishable’s The Mysterious Plague Doctor Plush wears the infamous spooky mask and outfit of the old-timey doctors but does it in a way that screams creepy cute (instead of just actual screams).

The huggable character is available in a 7-inch size ($21) and a 15-inch size ($45) and features a glow-in-the-dark lantern. A 7-inch ($21) of his medieval BFF, Plague Nurse, is also available. It was designed by fan request to be a counterpart for the Doctor and it holds its glow-in-the-dark lantern on the opposite side so the two can hold hands as they head towards attempting to cure a deadly virus with flowers.

Both plush are available for preorder on Squishable’s website and are due to go out in early fall. Meaning, they will probably be with you in time to keep you company by Halloween or for your next doctor’s appointment.