Source: Pokémon

An iconic franchise deserves an iconic celebration, and so far Pokémon is not disappointing with plans to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year. 

Teaming up with a pop icon? Check! Pokémon will partner with Katy Perry and Universal Music Group for a year-long project, P25 Music. 

In a new video, fans can travel through 25 years of Pokémon history via a Rube Goldberg machine, ending with a record teasing Perry’s voice. The company will release additional information about the musical collaboration throughout the year. 

Get your wallets ready; exclusive anniversary merch is in sight, too! Pokémon plans to partner with iconic brands for exclusive anniversary collections, including General Mills, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Levi’s, McDonald’s, Mattel, Funko, Jazwares, and more. 

If that wasn’t enough, keep an eye out for special collections of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Fans will be able to collect and trade oversize Pokémon for the first time! Also, the Pokémon Center teased merch of their own, including a special anniversary skateboard. 

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