Pokémon Halloween Calendar 2021 | Source: Jazwares

Unbox creatures of the night with three seasonal Pokémon advent calendars from Jazwares, including a Halloween calendar to count down to the *best* holiday of the year.

The Pokémon Halloween Calendar 2021 will be available for $19.99 this October with 13 days of Pokémon collectibles, including eight 2-inch Pokémon figures and five Halloween accessories. The collectible figures feature familiar Pokémon characters dressed in their fanciest costumes, such as Pikachu with a pumpkin on his head, Eevee in a witch hat, and Squirtle carrying a jack-o-lantern full of treats. Some of the Halloween accessories include candy apple toys, pumpkins, and a toy candy pile.

Source: Jazwares

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The surprises will continue even after Halloween is over with two new holiday advent calendars. The Pokémon 2021 Holiday Advent Calendar will be available for $29.99 and will contain 16 2-inch Pokémon Battle Figures with a pearlized finish (including a holiday-themed Pikachu), and eight holiday-themed accessories. The Pokémon Deluxe Holiday Advent Calendar 2021 will be available for $59.99 and will open into a holiday pop-up display featuring lights and sounds. The numbered doors will reveal 14 2-inch Pokémon figures, two 3-inch Pokémon figures, and 18 holiday-themed accessories.

There’s just something about those little numbered doors that make everything more festive.