Pokémon Celebration Collection | Source: Pokémon Center

The Pokémon 25th anniversary celebration is well underway, complete with a huge music program, game announcements, and plenty of merch. So far, the new products have included a collection at Levi’s, new patterns from Original Stitch, and an extensive anniversary storefront at toynk.com.

Now, there is even more anniversary merch to catch, starting with the official Pokémon Celebration collection from Pokémon Center. The still-growing collection includes a wide variety of items, such as a reversible jacket, lanyards, shirts, a poster, plush Pikachus, and drinkware. Almost all of these items (some of which are pictutured above) feature the official Pokémon 25th Anniversary logo. Fans can shop the full collection here!

Items from the BlackMilk Pokemon 2.0 Collection | Source: BlackMilk Clothing

Apparel company BlackMilk has also released an anniversary Pokémon collection, which marks BlackMilk’s second collaboration with the Pokémon brand. This new collection includes more than 50 pieces, all with Pokémon-inspired designs and fabrics. The styles include dresses, shirts, blazers, overalls, leggings, and more, featuring Pokémon including Pikachu, Eevee, Snorlax, Psyduck, and Jigglypuff. The full collection is available to shop now at blackmilkclothing.com.