Source: The Pokémon Co./the Pop Insider

The next Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) expansion is here, and it’s super cool — literally!

Inspired by the The Crown Tundra expansion within the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield video games, this new card expansion is called Sword & Shield — Chilling Reign. It introduces more than 70 new, Battle Style cards that players can add to their Single Strike or Rapid Strike decks.

The lineup in this expansion includes Calyrex, making its Pokémon TCG debut as a Pokémon V and a Pokémon VMAX in both its Ice Rider and Shadow Rider forms. Other new Pokémon V and Pokémon VMAX cards in this expansion include Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres.

Source: The Pokémon Co./the Pop Insider

In total, this expansion includes eight Pokémon VMAX, 15 Pokémon V and 26 full-art Pokémon V, 28 Trainer cards and 13 full-art Supporter cards, and three new Special Energy cards.

It will be available in booster packs, special collections, and two versions of the Elite Trainer box (pictured, top), featuring Ice Rider Calyrex and Shadow Rider Calyrex.

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The fastest way to get your hands on this icy expansion is with the Sword & Shield — Chilling Reign Build & Battle Box, which will be available through participating, local Pokémon TCG retailers starting on June 5. Each box will come with four Chilling Reign booster packs; a 23-card Evolution pack featuring key cards from current and prior sets (including one of four alternate-art promo cards); and a deck-building tip sheet.

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