A label for the Popeye hot sauce | Source: Jade City Foods

Popeye may be known for his love of leafy greens but a new line of food is incorporating the sailor man into a variety of delicious goodies. King Features Syndicate and Jade City Foods have partnered to launch a collection of high-end Popeye & Friends hot sauces and coffee.

The hot sauce spices things up with a wide range of flavors and heat profiles. Popeye’s ‘Strong to the Finish Hot Sauce’ is jalapeño spinach flavored; Eugene the Jeep’s ‘Jeep! Jeep! Magic Hot Sauce’ is pineapple habanero; Wimpy’s ‘I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday for Some Burger Sauce Today’ is a sweet and smoky sriracha; and Bluto’s ‘You Can’t Handle My Hot Sauce, Runt!’ is the hottest with reaper, scorpion, and ghost peppers.

Popeye & Friends hot sauce and coffee | Source: Jade City Foods/the Pop Insider

For a different type of hot, Popeye Signature Coffee is available in three unique blends. Olive Oyl’s ‘I’m Too Kind-Hearted Blend’ is a clean and fruity light roast, Bluto’s ‘No Good Sailor Blend’ is a balanced medium roast, and Popeye’s ‘Blow Me Down Blend!’ is a strong dark roast.

Today, three new hot cocoa blends will also hop aboard. Fans can choose between ‘Sea-Salty Sailor Salted Caramel,’ ‘Goo-Goo Gooey Chocolate,’ and ‘“Oh, Dear!” Peppermint’ — or go for all three for the coziest Popeye adventure yet.

Find the food collection and a special, limited-edition ghost pepper blueberry hot sauce called ‘Bruiser Boys Club’ online now at food.popeye.com. I yam what I yam and I yam going to need more space in the pantry.