Popeye and the crew | Source: Jade City Foods

It’s been quite awhile since our favorite spinach-eating sailor, Popeye, has gotten TV time — since 1987, to be exact. Even so, this one-eyed seaman is anything but irrelevant, continuing to dominate merchandise sectors with a multitude of clothing and food lines. King Features Syndicate, the content distribution company that originated Popeye, is proving it’s “strong to the finich” with the announcement of a new licensing partners for Popeye and friends. 

The full range of Popeye hot sauces | Source: Jade City Foods

In collaboration with Jade City Foods, Popeye and the crew will be featured in a previously announced line of food and drink products. The line includes a range of hot sauces, each carefully crafted and containing spinach so that consumers can be as strong as the salty-sailor. Jade City Foods is also offering Popeye coffee blends and hot chocolate mixes, inspired by various, beloved characters from the cartoon series (don’t worry, these items are not made with spinach). The entire collection is available for shop now at food.popeye.com. Oh my gorshk! 

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Popeye will also be continuing his long-time partnership with Taylor Farms, which, over the years, has offered numerous super-food products displaying the character. 

In addition to food products, Popeye will also be making his debut in the world of professional services, becoming the face of Accenture’s latest global campaign. To advertise the power of the company’s intelligent ops services, Accenture will be showing clients that it’s “doing for careers what spinach does for Popeye.” 

“Popeye Skateboard” | Source:

Lastly, artist Jeff Koon has released a “Popeye Skateboard” as part of The Skateroom collection. In collaboration with Qatar Museums, all proceeds from the charitable launch will aid children in need.

For more information on brand news for Popeye and his friends, fans can check out popeye.com. Ahoy!