Today’s PlayStation livestream had more than half a million people glued to their screens without teaching them much of anything — just in case you weren’t already getting enough of that from your local politicians.

Fans tuned in to the 54-minute event expecting to get some juicy info on the much-anticipated PS5, but instead, they got an earful of technical jargon — and learned way too much info about ear canals.

The comment section of the Mystery Science Theater-esque video (seriously, what is with those fake people?!) was arguably way more entertaining, but we did learn *some* info about the new console.

Marc Cerny, the lead architect behind the PS5, said that the new SSD (the part of the console that stores data) is the fastest yet. On the PS4, 1 GB of data takes about 20 seconds to load, he says in the video, but on the PS5, 2 GB can load in just a quarter of a second. This means game developers can create larger worlds, and games will load at about 5.5 GB per second.

Furthermore, the PS5 will include 3D audio, which basically just means that you will be able to hear events in the game like you would be able to in real life. Fans playing Call of Duty, for example, will be able to understand where the enemy is behind them. You can thank the hundreds of people who had their ear canals analyzed by Sony for this perk.

The event also confirmed that the PS5 will be the most eco-friendly console yet. Check out the rest of the info unveiled and the intense technical specs in the full video below. Pro tip: If you have trouble sleeping tonight, just turn the video on for 10 minutes!

Photo: YouTube